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Ben Glass, agent

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Ben Glass, Agent

Vision. Passion. Expertise. Loyalty.

For decades, those words have defined Ben Glass as he’s served as racing manager for owners Gary and Mary West, finding their next stars at Keeneland September.

Year KEE Sept Book 1 and 2 Gross KEE SEPT Gross Sales Book 1 & 2 Percentage of KEE Sept Gross N.A. Gross Sales Book 1 & 2 percentage of N.A. Gross
2020 $160,583,000 $248,978,700 64% $371,324,060 43%
2019 $257,998,000 $372,348,400 69% $532,147,622 48%
2018 $303,916,700 $387,645,900 78% $554,350,881 55%
2017 $196,645,000 $314,399,100 63% $473,301,734 42%
2016 $189,506,000 $282,160,100 67% $413,470,150 46%
5-Year Total $1,108,648,700 $1,605,532,200 69% $2,344,594,447 46%

“Like a brother to me.”

It’s about more than success on the track. For Ben Glass and Gary West, it’s about family—and a relationship built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect.

Finding Champions

Over the past 30 years, Ben Glass has found multiple Champions and graded stakes winners at Keeneland September. One of the most notable is multimillionaire and Champion Two-Year-Old Colt Game Winner.

I know exactly what Gary wants. …We’ve been doing this for a long time. Gary’s like a brother to me.
Ben Glass, TDN

I don’t buy anything I don’t love…you know, I loved him. He was an athlete—he looked beautiful. When they walk out like he did and present themselves that well and have that big walk, you have to try to buy them.
Ben Glass, TDN